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Recalling its Yemen Resolution 2014, UN Security Council Resolution 2051,

Further recalling Article 1 of Treaty of Joint Defense and Economic Cooperation Between the States of the Arab League, June 17, 1950, stated that

The Contracting States, in an effort to maintain and stabilize peace and security, hereby confirm their desire to settle their international disputes by peaceful means, whether such disputes concern relations among themselves or with other Powers,

Recognizing that the problem of Yemen stability as threats of international security, especially for Arab League countries,

Realizing the need for all nations and its citizens to get save and security,

  1. Recommends that a international organization and members of Arab League give humanitarian aid for Yemen, proposed as follow;
  2. The type of aid that Yemen receives needs to be diversified and aimed at destroying the roots of hatred and radicalization. This can only be done by having people live comfortably–giving them security, income, peace, and tranquility.
  3. The country needs to also be well educated in order to be able to diversify the economy, and thus, it is  imperative that schools be developed and that conservative militant groups do not discourage girls and women from attending school or work.
  4. As for security, countries with superior military capabilities should cooperate more with Yemen in obtaining intelligence. A police force that behaves and acts responsibly when dealing with the people is of great importance in order to ensure respect for human rights and to decrease distrust of the government.
  5. Yemen carries out inclusive National Dialogue Conference, which would give input to the process of institution making and open the path for election the following year.
  6. Yemen is trying to abolish the sharp differences within their social structure, through these following steps:
  7. Uniting movement with their archenemy is Saleh regime and his anasir that still stay in today and
  8. Developing democracy institution which ascertain check and balance system. Process and rapidness of the change will depend on the oposition power in north and south which integrate to make an alliance and the ability of this  movement to retain their interest and support from Yemen’s people entirely.
  9. Integrating agendas.
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